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Very tall and very low people showed how they look together

It’s inconvenient for low people to get to the upper shelves in the kitchen and change bulbs, and basketball players often meet their foreheads with doorways – there are many similar stereotypes, but the fresh selection of BoredPanda shows real problems and funny situations of unusually tall and low people.

In the selection there was a place for celebrities. For example, an athlete and actor Haftor Björnsson from Iceland, whom the Game of Thrones viewers probably know by the role of the Mountain (starting from the fourth season) with his wife:

According to statistics for the current year, the Dutch have the highest average growth: 1.838 meters. Montenegrins (1,832 m) and Danes (1,826 m) follow. Also, the top ten countries include Serbia, Germany, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia – in each of these countries the average population growth is slightly above 1.8 meters.

The smallest growth among the inhabitants of Indonesia: 1.58 meters. Next come the Bolivians (1.6 meters) and Filipinos (1.618 meters).

Robert Wadlow is considered the tallest man in the world in the entire history of observations: his height was 272 centimeters with a weight of almost two hundred kilograms. He died at twenty-two due to sepsis.

Of the living people, the highest is Turks Sultan Quesen: 251 centimeters. Kesen had serious health problems, he can only walk on crutches. The Sultan looks like this:

For a long time, the lowest man on the planet was considered Chandra Bahadur Dangri. Nepalese was only 54.6 centimeters tall. He grew up in a large family with five brothers and two sisters. Dangri absolutely did not complain about his health and did not take any medicine, and also did not undergo medical examinations. Interestingly, the exact reason for the unusually low growth was never found. Chandra lived to be 75 years old and died in 2015 from pneumonia.

Chandra Bahadur Dangri

The lowest living person is considered Filipino Janry Balaving. At 26, the guy’s height is 59.9 centimeters. According to some, Janry stopped growing about a year. Balawing was already recognized as the shortest person, however, after scientists discovered Dangri, the title went to the Hindu. After his death, Balaving returned the title to himself.


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