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The photo showed people who refused drugs

There are many harmful things in the world, but the degree of their influence on the body varies from both physiological and psychological point of view. It is one thing to abuse cakes or fried potatoes with meat (also not too healthy), another to be in the grip of very harmful addictions – it is harder to drink alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

Resource Boredpanda has updated the selection of photographs that depict drug addicts “in the eyeballs” and with different lengths of substance use. Some of them are enthusiastic a year after giving up drugs, others fought off a dangerous habit many years ago. And apparently, do not regret it.

The transformation can be obvious and not very, however, in any case, behind the changes is something that prompted changes: from fear for one’s own life to the appearance of someone significant in it who could provide support.

12 months without drugs. 
But after she was told that there was no more than a year left to live. 
Before that, 15 years old, now a 36-year-old woman spent either in freedom or in prison for theft, and sat tightly on heroin and cocaine. 
The refusal of drugs led to the fact that previously planned heart surgery was not needed

30 years. 
I got addicted to steroids at 19, when I started to swing, I used amphetamines and cocaine, I started to crack crack daily. 
Already lasted 78 days and intends to fight for himself further

Four years without drugs. 
He got a dog, got a house, started a career, a girlfriend appeared

This couple spent the first 15 years of marriage in a drug frenzy. 
At the moment – 3.5 years without substances. 
“Every day I thank God not only for helping me get rid of drugs, but also for doing this together with my husband”

Seven months without alcohol and heroin

He took drugs from the age of 18. 
At 25, an overdose happened, and only the case allowed the guy to stay alive. 
Sober for 17 months and 15 days

“No one believed that I was getting down with drugs.” 
The girl has been able to do this for a year now. 
Although, according to her, she herself did not believe that she was capable of such

Two years as I gave up drugs. 
Before that there was an overdose, homelessness and prison

Photo: 1995 and 2017. 
20 years without drugs

Fifteen years on drugs. 
In 2014, cancer of the second stage of the rectum was discovered. 
He recovered and again returned to drugs. 
The wife left, the adopted daughter turned away from him, like the son, lost his job and self-esteem. 
He broke the law, but the court decided to give a second chance. 
Corey (that’s the name of the man) took advantage of him

A year and three months without drugs

The Briton has been holding for six years. 
He cites Portugal as an example, where authorities decriminalized drug addicts to provide them with treatment, and achieved high results.

22 months without potent drugs
Four years without drugs

22 years on drugs and alcohol. 
Several overdoses from different substances. 
One and a half years as I refused all this

A year and a half, how to overcome addiction
Eight years without drugs

At the age of 28 she was arrested; she was threatened with up to five years in prison. 
Then the girl decided to take control of her life and since 2013 has done so. 
Works as a consultant, helping others like her in the past

11 years without drugs

She was an addict and an alcoholic. 
Nine months holding

He started with cocaine and switched to heavier substances, combining them as desired. 
So 8 years have passed. 
A year ago, abandoned all this

Three years from the moment I got into the group of anonymous drug addicts and refused to take substances

A year ago, tears from meth

“I weighed 40 kg, the skin was gray. 
I ate once every two weeks. 
Reality is so distorted that I don’t remember the house where I lived for three years. ” 
The authorities took away the children in 2017, in 2018 the girl was arrested. 
Then treatment followed, the children were returned in December 2018

18 months without drugs

For more than 10 months, she abandoned the meta. 
She lived on the street, almost died of sepsis. 
I could not give up drugs even when the child was taken to a shelter. 
Last September, found the strength to abandon addiction. 
The child was returned


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