Sony and DC made a castling of the premieres of their films because of the transfer of “Avatar 2”

Aquamen took the premiere date from Avatar 2, and a film about Venome took its place. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter .

Aquaman with Jason Momoa in the lead role was supposed to be released on October 5, 2018, but now he took the slot on December 21 of the same year. Earlier this date belonged to Avatar 2, but on March 10, director James Cameron announcedthat he would not be in time by the deadline.

In turn, Sony Pictures took advantage of the moment and took the former date of the premiere of Aquamen: now a solo film about Venom is scheduled for October 5. At the moment, it is not reported who exactly will play the villain and whether he will exist in the same universe as Spider-Man restarted in conjunction with Marvel Studious, but the script for the film was written by the restart authors of Jumanji and the film adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower.

Venom in Spider-Man 3 by Sam Raimi

Sony planned to make a film about Venoma a few years ago – when it wanted to build its own universe on the basis of New Spider-Man 2, however, after the unsuccessful rental of the picture, these plans were frozen. Apparently, the project was given a “green light” after the success of the “Suicide Squad”.

Previously it was thought that the best time to release a Hollywood blockbuster was the period from May to July, but gradually the ideas about this began to change. Cash blockbusters increasingly began to appear in March and April, and the end of December became the most desirable release window at all: at that time the first Avatar, the whole Hobbit trilogy, and the Star Wars restarted.


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