Saudi Arabia will introduce tourist visas for the first time. Tourists will be allowed to come without men

They were also allowed not to wear traditional Muslim clothes.

Saudi Arabia first began issuing tourist visas to citizens of 49 countries. The country’s authorities called on foreign companies to invest in tourism, which they expect to provide 10% of the gross domestic product by 2030, Reuters writes .

The cost of a visa will be $ 80. Tourists cannot enter the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Alcohol is prohibited in the country.

The head of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority, Ahmed al-Khatib, noted that tourists would not be forced to wear abaya, the traditional women’s clothing in the country, but asked them to dress in modest clothes, including on public beaches. Also, tourists will be able to visit the country without accompanying men.

Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman promotes the expansion of women’s rights – they were allowed, for example, to drive cars , attend football matches and work in positions traditionally designed for men.


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