“Pokemon. Catch them all! ”: As in childhood we became trainers of Pokemon

Dive into the world of Pokemon. Hereinafter my photos

After almost a quarter of a century, our old childhood friend named Ash finally achieved his goal. We watched the beginning of his journey along Channel One, ran around the markets in search of a video cassette with a full-length cartoon, and fought for breaks with classmates until the last Pokemon.

The end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 00s is the period when you bought soda, on the lid of which there was a pokemon, played cards where ace was Mute, and there was at least one notebook from Pikachu in the briefcase. Pokémon were everywhere, but for complete immersion, this was not enough. Everyone wanted to become a “Pokemon master” ..

To immerse ourselves in the world, we used games, but not only computer ones. It was enough to have anything with an image of a monster from a famous series to be “in the subject”. Let’s remember how Pokemon settled in our childhood, and how to accompany us so far.

Pokemon Chip Games

Chips of different series

A popular game of the late 90s and early 00s among schoolchildren, which became the first analogue of a casino in your life. The rules are simple: each player makes a bet with several chips from which a stack is built. This stack must be broken using a bit.

A bat is a plastic washer the size of a chip, but heavier. A chip was considered knocked out if it rolled over and fell backwards. From that moment on, she passed into the possession of the one who knocked her out. Of course, there were those who played just like that – without the risk of losing accumulated chips.

At the end of the 00s, the ORT channel (the current First Channel) included the cartoon “Pokemon” in the broadcast of the anime. The series almost immediately became incredibly popular among schoolchildren, and soon all kinds of games, merchand comics began to be released on it. All these things were of extremely dubious quality, but then nobody cared.

Bits, stack of chips, box for chips

Almost everyone had a “pot” of chips that we stored in a plastic case, a bit of luck, and the most valuable chips that your classmates dreamed of winning.

Chips with the image of Pokemon were incredibly appreciated and was considered extremely popular. If the bet was with chips with the image of the series of the same name, then the exact same bet was expected from the opponent. Otherwise, they could refuse him because of unequal value.

There were also cases of the “black market” when a person exchanged a dozen chips for one, but with the image of his beloved Pokemon. For example, I traded a chip with the image of Pokemon Skyer for fifteen chips with characters from the game Mortal Kombat. Then it seemed to me that this was a very profitable “course”.

Chip with my favorite Pokemon. I still think 15 on 1 is profitable

Surprisingly, although the animated series lasted on ORT for less than a year, the degree of hype of Pokemon among children did not decrease.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Game Card Collection

Pokémon chips were replaced by a card game. It was a whole new level of entertainment that went beyond fast play at recess. Trading cards made you feel like a real Pokemon trainer. The game made it possible to arrange real tournaments among cardholders.

True, in this whole story there was one big “BUT”. The game was completely in English, which for students of elementary and middle grades was simply a disaster. Then access to the Internet was considered an inadmissible luxury, but even to find on the Internet something about cards with Pokemon was extremely difficult, but rather even impossible.

The rules of the game in English

It is now possible to read detailed instructions with the rules, features and tactics of warfare on any thematic site. Then we had no choice but to guess and be based on general rules between each other.

In short, you pulled seven cards from your deck, put up a “basic Pokémon” for battle, and threw him “energy cards” so that your fighter could strike. There were still some “event cards”, but we threw them off, because no one understood what was written there, but they could turn the tide of the whole battle. We played until the end of the Pokémon, but more often we were simply fed up with the endless monotonous mess.

All the same trading cards

Not everyone had such collectible playing cards, mainly among children from families with good earnings. But the main unpleasant moment is not even the price of the set itself, how much their meager filling. In my memory, there were about four jokes in the available sale, and they rarely came across even in specialized stores. Naturally, the owners of the cards valued the collection very much, therefore only the owners of the set played them.

Pokemon game for Game Boy

Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Pocket and Pokemon Games

Pokemon did not pass by and video games. The Nintendo Game Boy portable console, which was extremely difficult to get in Russia, came out with a series of Pokemon games with various variations.

The real world of the animated series was available right in the pocket of every Nintendo portable set-top box owner. The game was performed in the jRPG genre with a top view. During the adventure, our protagonist was faced with wild Pokemon, which could be fought or captured. And each chapter of the story ended with a battle with a Pokemon trainer.


Pirate version of Pokemon for Game Boy Pocket

The game turned out to be incredibly exciting, but, unfortunately, there was no talk of any localization. As a result, the player was faced with some kind of quest where it was necessary to find something, come in some period of time or feed someone with something, and thereby fall into a kind of dead end. Friends who had already completed the quest remained the only hope, but they also had difficulties.

Pokemon screetshot for Game boy Color

Pokemon screenshot for Game boy color

Pokemon screetshot for Game Boy color

It was not necessary to count on thematic magazines, because in “Gambling” or “Country of Games” the main attention was paid to computer video games. Therefore, none of my friends managed to get through the game to the very end.

Not Virtual Madness in Pokemon GO

In 2016, the world suddenly returned to childhood. Pokemon again “captured the minds”, but this time not only children, but adults. A game with elements of additional reality suggested turning an ordinary walk into a part of the Pokemon universe.

Virtual map of the area

By installing the application on a mobile phone, the player became part of the universe. The game offered to engage in catching Pokemon right in their native area. To do this, you just had to go outside and click on the game icon. On the phone screen was a cartoon-styled map of the city, where Pokemon, Pokestops and gyms were marked.

The essence of the game was to catch as many Pokémon as possible, and for this it was necessary to walk. Too much to walk. The more they walked, the more rare the Pokémon tossed up the game. Sometimes she threw a rare Pokemon in the most crowded places, provoking madness on the streets.

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Three years have passed since the explosion of popularity, and in 2019 it is rarely possible to meet a Pokemon hunter on the street, but they say there are still such. The message of the game itself is clear: the study of your own city in a playful way.

However, people were so keen on catching Pokemon that they began to risk their own lives. In New York, huge crowds several times blocked the movement of cars, and in Moscow a group of people was detained by the police, suspecting an unauthorized rally.

Pokemon Modern Reprints for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s state-of-the-art hybrid console has found an interesting niche for nostalgic people. Yesterday’s schoolchildren, who played Game Boy until late at night, are now fully solvent adults. After playing on the bright emotions from childhood, Nintendo released a reissue of previous games from the Pokemon series called Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

Both versions are no different from each other, with the exception of the first Pokemon. In the first version, Pikachu falls out, and in the second – Evie. In Russia, Let’s Go Pikachu became the most popular option.

The first minutes of the game caused me childish delight. I seemed to be back seventeen years ago. And it seems to be an old game in front of me, with updated graphics, but it all turned out to be a fake. After the first meeting with wild Pokemon, you realize that the game is aimed at children who are fans of Pokemon GO.

Pokemon that walk on the map in the game Pokemon let’s Go

The battle in the game Pokemon Let’s Go

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go

The mechanics in the game have been simplified as much as possible. Now there is no need to be afraid to climb the bushes, because wild Pokemon calmly walk already on the playing field. No need to worry that the wild Pokemon will defeat all the fighters, because now they can’t attack, and meeting them is reduced to an elementary throwing of them with pokeballs.

Old players did not appreciate such changes, so Nintendo, as if apologizing, announced the release of full-fledged Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games, where they promise to return everything that they loved this series for.

So, perhaps without suspecting, we were part of a vast universe. Lived, studied and even worked alongside the Pokémon trainers. Battle monsters influenced our life, as if they were quite real. It is possible that this is not even the middle of their life path.

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