Instagram Report: Burning Man-2019

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On August 25, the next Burning Man started in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada – one of the most famous festivals of independent art and self-expression in the world, the hallmarks of which are unimaginable costumes, half-dressed people in masks protecting from sand and dust, “mutated” cars and performances that you can join.

Artists from around the world traditionally bring a lot of art objects into the desert, united, sometimes very conditionally, by a common theme. Burning Man-2019 will end on September 2, and some of the objects after that will be burned along with its main symbol – a giant human figure.

The territory of the festival is considered to be “free of money” – you can only exchange with other participants, but you can’t sell or buy anything – therefore, the “burners” take everything they need to live in a tent camp. Moreover, one of the main principles of the event sounds like “leave no trace”: they take away tons of garbage left after a week-long life of thousands of people in the desert.


Celebrities often come to the festival, and some American companies pay a ticket of $ 425 to their employees – their leaders believe that a joint experience of an unusual experience in the desert helps inspire employees and unite the team.

collected photos from the Instagrams of the Burning Man-2019 participants.

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