How Can We Get Free Web Hosting


Today we will talk about free website hosting, as you know. Many websites are currently providing free hosting. What is the difference between free hosting and paid hosting, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both, should we take free hosting or not or what kind of websites can free hosting be used for. This is our topic today, and we will talk more about these points.

Now let’s talk about these points one by one.


First of all, we will talk about free web hosting bandwidth, an important point in free web hosting is limited bandwidth. This is because the performance of your website is slow because many websites are being provided free hosting on one server, and this is why the performance of your website is affected, and the site is very slow.


Our second point is uptime. If you check the site of a paid web hosting provider, they may see you writing. 99.99 Server uptime This refers to the number of times the web hosting provider’s server will be down and for how long it can be shut down or what percentage can be shut down. Guarantee that their server will be 99.99% online. But if you talk about free web hosting, their server is often shut down for one hour a day.

Online support or customer support

If you plan to use free web hosting, you should keep in mind that free web hosting does not provide online support or customer support and if you encounter any problems, they should contact you. Will have to solve itself.

Disk space or disk storage

Free web hosting often offers limited disk space. There are definitely some companies that offer good disk storage, but they also have some restrictions or latencies.


You may be wondering why these web hosting providers are offering you free hosting, and how they cover the costs of this web hosting. When you create your website, you see, there are some ads running on your website that you can’t update. These ads are run by web-hosting providers, and using those ads they cover the cost of free web hosting.



One of the advantages of paid web hosting is that your website is backed up daily, weekly, or monthly. If there is a problem with your website, then the website can be restored, but there is no such facility in free hosting or there are very few free hosting companies that are providing such a facility.

Terms and conditions

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of a website. This is what we do when signing up for a free web hosting website. But if you read their terms and conditions, you will see that one of the conditions is that they can shut down your website at any time.

Limited Tools

Free web hosting providers will never provide you with tools like Premier Hosting like you can’t create more databases. You can’t set up multiple domains or you can’t add extra domains, or if you want to create subdomains, you can create one or two subdomains. If you do not get more permissions, you can create at most one or two email accounts.

Website Ranking

You may have noticed that websites built on free hosting do not rank well in search engines. The reason is that the uptime of their servers is not good, your website is often down. The site is slow to open, if you think that you will get your site ranked better in search engines, then this is not possible with free hosting.


Websites built on free hosting do not improve security, and they are not highly secure. Your data may be leaked at any time. Data can be locked and such security issues keep coming up on free hosting websites.


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