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From scratch: Ryan Johnson talks about approaching his Star Wars trilogy

In a conversation with the Observer portal, director Ryan Johnson confirmed that he is still working on his own Star Wars trilogy, although it’s not yet clear where she can fit into the Disney schedule , because the next episode after the episode will release a picture from the show runners of Game of Thrones.

Johnson also confirmed that his story would be completely divorced from the Skywalker Saga.

I think the most interesting and most difficult thing in this case is to delve into the topic and understand how to make new films exciting, and understand what they can be.

We are going to get away from the classic characters. How will it look like? For me, the ability to create something out of nothing is the most important thing in this case. […]

From this point of view, you begin to think about what the essence of Star Wars is and what they can become.

Ryan Johnson


In late November, Johnson released a completely different film – “Get the Knives.” The detective thriller was five to six times cheaper than The Last Jedi and had to be shot much faster than the blockbuster, but the scale was not the most important thing for the director.

For me, the main thing in “Get the Knives” is the emphasis on dialogs. It was very cool to bring together wonderful actors and give them a lot of text.

In Star Wars, you usually try to make dialogue as effective as possible, and that’s great. Yes, in The Last Jedi I worked with some of the best actors in the world, but it was the pursuit of another rabbit.

In “Get the Knives,” you can simply write more dialogs and sit, smiling broadly, while they are being filmed.

Ryan Johnson


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