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Disney + has a warning about an “outdated cultural image ”

The scenes that raised the questions themselves were not touched.

On November 12, the Disney + online cinema officially launched in the United States, and from the very first day, dozens of films and TV shows, including many of the company’s classic films, became available to users.

As the audience noted , in the description of several old cartoons – “Dumbo”, “Aristocratic Cats”, “Jungle Books” and “Ladies and Tramps” – there is a note about “an outdated display of culture”.

Marked in one sentence at the end

These notes appeared due to the fact that Disney was often criticized for racial stereotypes in her old cartoons. For example, viewers noticed that in the Jungle Book, monkey king Louis, like his wards, speaks with an African American accent, and in Lady and the Tramp, two vile Siamese cats are depicted as caricature of Asians.

Some users thought that marking in itself was good, but they thought it could be done better. As an example, they cited a detailed message that uses Warner Bros. for similar cases, inserting it directly into the cartoon.

Disclaimer in Warner Bros. Cartoons 

Disney cartoons themselves did not change – all the scenes in them, even those that still raise questions from the audience, remained the same.

But the changes occurred in the episodes of the first seasons of The Simpsons – the scenes did not begin to be cut out of them, but some details nevertheless disappeared. This happened because Disney decided to fit the classic episodes to a wide screen format, although the original was created in a 4: 3 ratio – during the first seasons of the show it was relevant.

As a result of this, viewers lost at least one visual joke about the fact that different versions of Duff beer are actually poured into tanks from the same pipe. In the Disney + version, this is simply not visible.


Disney +

Viewers also noticed that in some scenes the image was not only cropped, but also a little stretched, because of which the proportions are violated.


Disney +

Some changes, however, were made by the authors themselves – as, for example, in the case of the New Hope. In the Disney + version of the movie, the shootout scene of Han Solo and Grido is a bit more complete, and the company confirmed that George Lucas himself made these changes before the rights to Star Wars transferred to her.

The New Hope for Disney + contains an augmented …Mercenaries shoot at the same time – but before that, Grido manages to utter a new phrase.


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