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The creators of CG-double James Dean founded a company for the “revival” of celebrities in the “figure”

They will also be involved in AR, VR and DeepFake technologies.

Special effects creators working on a digital copy of actor James Dean for the movie “Finding Jack,” announced the creation of their own company called Worldwide XR. It will bring together Observe Media and licensing experts from CMG Worldwide.

XR executives claim that Dean will be just the first of many celebrities that they plan to return to screens for movies and VR projects.

At the moment, the company already has rights to use the appearance of 400 actors, musicians, athletes and public figures. Among them – Jimmy Stewart, Ingrid Bergman, Christopher Reeve, as well as rock musician Chuck Berry and frontman of the band Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia.

Worldwide XR chief Travis Cloyd said he is aware of how many in Hollywood criticized James Dean ‘s “rebirth”. However, he assured that the company takes a responsible approach to work and is not going to insult the memory of deceased stars.

As the CEO of the company hinted, Dean will appear not only in the film “In Search of Jack”, but also in many other projects.

This is a breakthrough technology, there will be a lot of controversy around it. Some do not like it. But we work with due attention and care. […]

And James Dean is still waiting for a lot. You can assume that we did James Dean 2.0.

Travis cloyd

Worldwide XR CEO

Many fans of the actor, who died in 1955, sharply criticized the decision to take him on a role in the upcoming film. This opinion is shared by many celebrities, including Chris Evans and Elijah Wood, who called this idea unacceptable, but his relatives agreed to use the image of Dean.


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