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The acting teacher advised Adam Sandler to “choose a different path”

But he did not obey and became a star.

In mid-November, Adam Sandler and Brad Pitt met in the Variety column, where the actors interview the actors .

In a conversation with Sandler, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star recalled a long story he had heard from director Bennett Miller.

You were in New York, and it was either your professor, or an acting coach. He bought you a beer and said kindly: “Think of other options. Listen, you have a heart, but you don’t have to do it. Choose a different path. “

Brad Pitt


Sandler confirmed this story, and Pitt told the public its second part. After years of box-office successful films, the actor, thanks to a chance meeting, had a chance to make fun of his mentor with friends, but he did not.

This is my favorite story about Adam Sandler, and she says a lot about you. […] Anyone would think that this is a great opportunity to poke his nose in his wrong. But I know that you greeted, introduced him to friends and said: “This is the only teacher who bought me beer.”

Brad Pitt


Despite his condescending attitude towards Sandler, he has remained one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors for many years. Before the era of franchises, he was one of Sony’s main stars along with Will Smith, and now, together with his audience, he moved to Netflix, where he still receives about $ 20 million for the film.


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