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“New Hope” on Disney + contains an augmented scene of the shooting of Han Solo and Grido – it is changed for the fourth time

Mercenaries shoot at the same time - but before that, Grido manages to utter a new phrase.

A Disney updaterevealed that George Lucas had changed the scene before he sold the rights to Star Wars in 2012.

On November 12, the Disney + streaming service was launched, the catalog of which, among other things, included films from the Star Wars series.

Subscribers to the online cinema found that in the fourth episode they expanded the scene of the shootout of Han Solo and the mercenary Grido – the latter manages to say the word “Maclunkey!” (Sounds like “Maclanks!”) Before the shot, which does not appear in subtitles.

The shootout of Han Solo and Grido in the version of the fourth episode of Star Wars, available on Disney +

Prior to this, the scene of the shootings of Han Solo and Grido changed three times. In the original version of New Hope, Han Solo was the first to shoot, but in the 1997 re-release, the episode was re-edited, and the first shot was for Grido.

After that, the phrase “Khan fired first” spread among the fans of “Star Wars”, dissatisfied with the changes. As a result, the scene was changed two more times – in the 2004 edition the mercenaries shoot simultaneously, and in the version of “New Hope”, which was released on Blu-Ray in 2011, several frames were removed from this scene.

Comparison of the shootings of Han Solo and Grido in versions of the fourth episode of Star Wars, which were released in 1977, 1997, 2004 and 2011

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