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Disney + users massively complained about problems with the service in the first hours after launch

Although some managed to see something before the fall of the servers.


On November 12, Disney launched its own online movie theater in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, but the launch did not go smoothly. Users began to complain about the inability to log into their account and problems with streaming just a few hours after the company opened access.

Judging by the portal Downdetector, the number of error messages has risen sharply at about six to seven in the morning in New York time. It seems that the majority of subscribers live in the same time zone, on the eastern North American coast, and a sharp influx of viewers brought down the network.

Connection difficulties began to be experienced in all three countries where Disney + began to work. Some users could pay for their subscription or launch a trial period from their home PC, but the service did not work in applications.

Not a good start.

As if I hadn’t been waiting for Disney + for about a year.

My impressions of Disney + at the moment.

Such crap will kill a chicken laying golden eggs. 
Disney, what is amateurism in general?

Half of the video does not start. Servers are lying. I love new platforms. Seven days of trial access and, most likely, all this will not work normally for six days.

An hour has passed and I’m still on hold. 
I’m trying to log in to my account – they ask me to call tech support. 
To wait more than an hour is some kind of mockery. 
It was better to prepare for the problems and hire enough employees to support so that people would not wait for hours.

Some of the viewers said that they could not watch only individual films or series – although the service itself worked and regularly showed most of the library.

Has anyone else had problems viewing the Mandalorean? 
So far this seems to be the only thing that I am not allowed to watch.

Do I have one such problem? 
I just wanted to see “Lady and the Tramp”!

Journalists noticed that the Disney leadership was waiting for such difficulties and before that claimed to be ready for launch.

In August, I asked Michael Paul, head of Disney’s streaming services department, if he was afraid of a system crash on the first day. 
He told me that they “actively discussed the problem,” and added: “We are ready. 
We have been planning this launch for a very long time. ” 

Some netizens viewed Disney with understanding, saying that the situation was completely predictable.

I’m not surprised, but Disney + today is a complete disaster. 
Disney has always had … a complicated relationship with technology. 
Problems with streaming, errors in latency, and in the interface – no explanation of how everything works. 
I hope everything works out during the day.

I have no idea what their development team is going through this morning. This is a huge launch of a very popular platform, which starts for a large number of people on the first day. Insanely difficult task, and they will surely get it today.

The company commented on the failures, saying that they were already trying to fix all the problems.

The number of Disney + users has exceeded our already high expectations. We are satisfied with such a great demand, and are already working to solve the problems that subscribers faced as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

from the official Disney statement

Before the official launch of Disney +, the service only worked for a while in test mode in the Netherlands – then the company said that everything goes smoothly. In other European countries, they plan to launch an online cinema in March 2020.


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