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Screenwriter of the series about Obi-Wan Kenobi: “This story would be difficult to tell in two hours”

The format of the series will better reveal the character of the Jedi Master.

Hussein Amini, screenwriter for Drive, and creator of the series Alienist, told the Discussing Film portal his work on a show in the Star Wars universe. According to him, he joined the project in 2017, when Stephen Daldry was still working on it, and Lucasfilm was going to shoot a full-length film about Obi-Wan.

Amini is sure that a lot of stories can be told about the period between the third and fourth episodes, for which the expanded format of the series suits much more.

It seems to me that the situation in which our hero finds himself is very complicated and confusing – both for himself and for the whole galaxy. Therefore, we need time to show it from different angles.

In addition, to be honest, during this period, a lot of things happened between episodes III and IV. I am captivated by the idea of ​​immersing myself in this story and how to properly reveal the character and tell about his path. We can cover not only this, but also the state of affairs on different planets, politics, the scale of the Empire.

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He noted that when the creators have six hours at once for one story, they can not rush things.

Sometimes it seems to me that I am dealing with a real historical period, and such a feeling can be difficult to convey to the audience in two hours.

Sometimes in full-length films, it is simply necessary that the action takes place as quickly as possible – you need to switch from one action scene to another. There are a lot of such nuances in the story.

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According to Amini, Obi-Wan was always one of his favorite Star Wars characters, but he tried to study as much as possible about this universe in order to remain faithful to the canon and legacy of the franchise.

One of the amazing features of Star Wars is that this series obviously began with George Lucas, but fans, screenwriters, and comic book artists all made a huge contribution to the development of this world.

So I have a responsibility for all of them. It is necessary to respect the work that they have done.

Of course, as a screenwriter, I always liked to bring something of my own, but here in front of me was part of the story. And she had to be studied, to learn about all the characters, about everything that came before and what would happen after.

Hussein Aminiscreen


Filming of the Kenobi series with Ewan McGregor in the lead role will begin in July 2020. There will be six episodes in the first season of the show, and they have no exact release date for Disney +.


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