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Box office: “Doctor Sleep” on the novel by King goes below expectation and loses “Midway” in home theaters

However, the drama about the Second World War did not help much.


“Midway” from Roland Emmerich (“Independence Day”, “The Day After Tomorrow”) collected 17.5 million for the weekend at home. This is slightly below the expectations of analysts who predicted a picture of about 20 million. The drama about World War II was released on Veterans Day, but this, apparently, did not help her much. Also, probably not the best press reviews affected – the film now has 40% on Rotten Tomatoes . Although the audience rating on Cinemascore is better – “A”.

The Midway case is especially interesting in that it is the most expensive indie film in history – about $ 100 million was spent on its creation (excluding marketing), while not a single large Hollywood studio decided to give money for it.

Part of the funding (about 24 million) was received from Chinese investors, the rest is earned on the pre-sale of the rights to the show abroad. Whether such an investment will be repulsed is still a question. However, judging by the fees of other films about the war, it is clear that they usually have a long train of fees – perhaps we will still hear about Midway. Moreover, the European show has not yet started. The picture will reach Russia on November 14th.

In second place at the US box office this weekend was “Doctor’s Dream,” shot based on the eponymous novel by Stephen King and continuing to “Shine.” Horror with Ewan McGregor was better received by critics (70% on Rotten Tomatoes ), but on the charges he did not perform very well – only $ 14.1 million in the United States, almost half as much as analysts had expected.


Perhaps the reason is that not all viewers are familiar with the source, and therefore did not rush to the session. Along with foreign fees, the film now has about 20 million total fees. Not too much, given the 45 millionth production budget (recall, it is usually believed that the film needs to collect two production budgets to fully cover all costs).

“Terminator: Dark Fates” could not reach the payback – he has 135 million in the world, which is very small with a 185 million production budget. Not even a rental in China helped.

Well, “Joker”, as we wrote earlier, has become the most profitable comic book movie in history – it has 925 million fees with 62.5 million budget.

In the Russian box office, according to the UAIS , the animated cartoon “Addams Family” is leading in the second week – it has 125 million rubles over the weekend. Next comes Doctor Dream with 109 million. In third place is Maleficent with 85 million – a film in the cinema for four weeks, but still holds well. Behind him – “Terminator: Dark Fates” with 71 million, and closes the top five “Text”, which collected 40 million rubles over the weekend.


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