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The nine-year-old boy, who was scolded for drawing in the classroom, was invited to arrange a restaurant

He painted the wall in the institution with his drawings.

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Parents of nine-year-old Joe Whale from the UK continued to encourage his son’s enthusiasm even after his teachers complained several times about drawing in the classroom. According to his parents, Joe began to paint very small, and at 4 years old he was even added to the register of “especially gifted” students along with his twin brother Jesse.

After a series of complaints from teachers, the boy was sent to extracurricular drawing lessons. One of the teachers was so impressed with Joe’s talent that he posted his drawings on social networks, where they were noticed by a member of the management of Number 4 restaurant in Shrewsbury, UK.

The boy was invited to decorate the wall in a restaurant, and the family, according to the child’s father, was “in the seventh heaven from happiness” from such a confession.

For several days in a row in the evenings, his father drove Joe to Number 4, where he painted the wall. In total, the work took about 12 hours.

The nickname that Joe’s parents came up with is Doodle Boy .


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