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Keanu Reeves first appeared in public with a girl for the first time. The Internet is happy Keanu is happy

For an actor who survived the tragic events, the image of a very lonely person was entrenched. Now users of social networks are rejoicing.

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant

Keanu Reeves got the image of a very lonely and sad person. This was facilitated by memes and stories from the life of the actor: he was never married, and in 1999 his girlfriend, actress Jennifer Syme, had a miscarriage. Two years later, the actress died in a car accident.

After that, Reeves did not have a single “confirmed” relationship. In May, an interview appeared on the Internet where the actor allegedly said: “You know, I am a lonely guy, there is nobody in my life right now. But if this happened to me, then I would treat this person with respect and love. I hope this happens to me again. ” Later it turned out that the Malaysian publication Star fabricated an interview.

But on November 4, Keanu Reeves appeared on the red carpet of the LACMA Art + Film Gala charity evening, holding hands with artist Alexandra Grant. The 46-year-old woman is a longtime friend of the actor: they worked together on the books Ode to Happiness and Shadows. Her paintings are in galleries in the United States and Canada.

Previously, the couple had already been filmed together by the paparazzi, but now Reeves and Grant first appeared at an official event. The actor and artist did not announce that they were dating, but the Internet did everything for them. Social media users love Keanu Reeves – he has been repeatedly called “the most beloved Hollywood celebrity on the Internet.” Therefore, seeing a photo from LACMA Art + Film Gala, social networks were filled with posts where Reeves wished for happiness.

Keanu has a girlfriend!

I wanted to make sure that you saw this photo where Keanu Reeves looks meaningfully into the distance with her girlfriend, who laid her head on his shoulder, in the pink light of a sushi bar

If Keanu is happy, then I am happy

Listen to this. 
While Keanu is happy – I’m happy

Of course, Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant are like a cool cyberpunk couple. 
It makes sense

A polite reminder that Keanu’s girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, died 18 years ago in a car accident. 
He gave interviews, talking about his love and loneliness. 
Please save your harsh comments and let the person find happiness, no matter what form it takes.

Happiness to Keanu Reeves is the only thing that everyone can agree on

So happy for Keanu

Another detail that users of social networks noted: unlike some Hollywood actors of his age, 55-year-old Reeves began to meet not with a 20-year-old model. This was another “point” in the piggy bank of Internet love for Keanu.

Well, of course, Keanu does not meet with a 20-year-old. 
Goddamn legend

I look at this photo and understand how rare this situation is – a male actor over 40 is dating a girl of his age, and I TOTALLY FOR THIS. 
They look so happy


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