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Actor James Dean will be returned to the screens in the form of a digital double

The rights to the appearance of Dean from his relatives were bought by the recently founded company Magic City Films, and his digital copy is used in the film “In Search of Jack” directed by Anton Ernst and Tati Golykh.

Dean will be recreated by Canada’s Imagine Engine and South African MOI Worldwide.

The painting tells the story of 10 thousand dogs that were used during the Vietnam War, and then abandoned.

According to the directors, Dean will not only appear in several scenes, he will play the second most important role in the film. It will be voiced by another actor, and the start of rental is scheduled for November 2020.

According to filmmakers, a digital copy of Dean in the movie is just the beginning. In their opinion, soon digital versions of various historical figures, including Nelson Mandela, will increasingly appear on the screen.

In recent years, Hollywood has been actively preparing for the use of digital counterparts, but so far the experiments in this area can hardly be called successful – that Tarkin in “Rogue One”, that young Will Smith in “Gemini” looked unrealistic and became a cause for criticism. Things are much better with digital rejuvenation, which still uses the capture of the movements of a real actor.

James Dean died in a car accident in 1955 at the age of 24. He managed to play only a few prominent roles in the movie, but regularly falls into the lists of the greatest stars of this industry.


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