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“Terminator: Dark Fates” failed at the box office in the USA and showed itself poorly in China

Like the previous two films in the franchise.

Dark Fates cost $ 185 million in production, but only $ 29 million started in the United States , which the media has already called a failure. Moreover, the picture was predicted at least 40 million in three days, and even this amount was already considered as a failure.

They made the wrong decision, giving the film a move with a specific budget. They had the hope that the franchise could work outside the United States, but this did not happen.Analyst MKM Partners

In total, over the first weekend, the blockbuster collected only 101.9 million, including 28 million from China – also a weak result.

According to analysts, the loss from the film will be more than $ 100 million. The picture needs to collect 450 million to go to zero.

At the exit from the hall, American viewers gave the picture a rating of “B +”, which does not guarantee good exposure. 56% of viewers were men, and 78% were people from 18 to 44 years old. Persons from 24 to 33 accounted for a third.

As noted by THR, the losses will mainly be shared by Skydance, Paramount and Disney / Fox. For Skydance, this is the second major failure after the Gemini with Will Smith.

In Russia, “Dark Fates” started with a modest 200 million rubles and lost the first place to the animated “Adams Family”, which collected nearly 300 million.

Earlier, studios could have blamed the Terminator for the failure of the R rating, but he didn’t stop the Joker from passing the $ 900 million mark.

“Joker” has collected in the global box office 900 million dollars 

“Terminator: Dark Fates” was supposed to be the “real” third part of the franchise, as the picture was produced by James Cameron himself, but later it became known that he had never appeared on the site because of his busy Avatar. The film, directed by Deadpool director Tim Miller, directly continues the plot of Doomsday, and Linda Hamilton for the first time in many years returned to the role of Sarah Connor.


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