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After the scandal, Delta Air decided to return same-sex love scenes to films available for viewing in flight

Now the carrier is looking for a supplier who will provide them.

Delta Air Lines showed passengers trimmed versions of Rocketman and Education. Kisses and scenes of same-sex love, the words “vagina” and “genitals” were removed from both films, and all references to homosexuality were also removed from the biography of Elton John.

Learning about this, the director of “Education” Olivia Wilde criticized the company.

What message is there for the audience and especially women? What are female bodies obscene? Is sexuality embarrassing?

Olivia Wilde

director of “Education”

Delta Air Lines noted that it is now looking for a new supplier that will provide full versions of the films, and also assured that it did not ask to edit the films. This decision was made by someone else.

Now we are showing the passengers “Gentleman Jack”, “Introduce us together”, “Moonlight”, and the countless amount of past content makes it clear that we do not practice cutting out LGBT love scenes.

from the statement of Delta Air Lines

In the Russian version of “Rocketman”, a drug fragment and a gay sex scene were cut out , which is why Elton John wrote an open letter to Putin and accused him of hypocrisy.


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