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Meme: In the photo on the left – the turner of the third category Vera Tikhonova. And on the right – the well-known eco-activist Greta Tunberg

Users have turned RT's “propaganda” tweet into a joke template.

On October 22, the Russian-speaking RT service compared on its twitter eco-activist Greta Tunberg with the girl “Vera Tikhonova, who complied with one and a half adult norms during the siege of Leningrad.” According to the channel, a girl from the Soviet Union acts as a moral reference point against the background of the Swedish activist.

In content, the tweets are similar to the publication of the user @Zergulio, which he posted two days earlier. At the same time, RT replaced the name of the girl from Tikhova to Tikhonova.

A photo of Vera Tikhova with a similar description is found in RuNet since 2014. The girl even received the nickname of the “blockade Mona Lisa.” The authorship of the picture is attributed to the famous Soviet TASS war correspondent Vasily Fedoseyev, and the place of shooting is called “one of the plants in the Frunze district of Leningrad.” It is reported that at the time of shooting Tikhova was 15 years old.  was unable to find other details of her life.

In response to an RT tweet, users immediately criticized the channel for propaganda.

Alexei Navalny drew attention to the publication of RT and asked to make a similar picture, but instead of Greta Tunberg, insert a photo of RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan.

The politician promptly responded to the request.

After that, users continued to criticize Simonyan: accuse her of propaganda, hypocrisy and “parasitism” on budget money, using the RT tweet template.

Soon, the format began to be used in abstract jokes and beat with its help the similarities of similar to each other people.

As a result, the meme became universal: Vera Tikhova and Greta Tunberg began to be replaced by characters from pop culture and celebrities.


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