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THR: Gemini creators face more than $ 75 million in losses

After two disappointing weekends, one no longer has to believe in a miracle.

In most countries, Gemini’s rental with Will Smith in the lead role started on October 10-11, and after two weekends, the film raised only $ 118 million worldwide with a budget of 140 million – and this does not include marketing costs of about 100 millions.

According to sources of The Hollywood Reporter, as a result of this, the authors of the picture face losses in the amount of over 75 million dollars.

After a weak start to the rental, the creators still had hopes that the situation would be corrected by China, where the film was released on October 16. However, there, over the first weekend, Gemini raised only $ 21 million, failing to get around the second Maleficent with 22.4 million.

The creators of the film made a big bet on China also because it is one of the few countries in which cinemas were able to show Gemini in the format conceived by the authors – 3D 4K 120 fps.

The situation is also affected by the big success of the Joker. Three weekends after the release, the film still attracts the audience due to the “sundress”, and at the end of the rental it has every chance of becoming the highest grossing movie with an “R” rating in history, breaking the Deadpool 2 record.

The comforting factor for the Gemini authors is that the losses will be distributed among several companies. Skydance Media (35% of the budget) and Paramount Pictures (35%), as well as Chinese Fosun (25%) and Alibaba (5%) invested in production.


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