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Taika Waititi does not mind including the Jane Foster comic strip storyline in the fourth Thor

“I like the idea of ​​two parallel battles.”

In the comic, which tells about the formation of Jane Foster as the new Thor, the heroine not only becomes worthy to wear Mjolnir, but also fights with breast cancer diagnosed in her.

According to director Taiki Vaitichi, he does not mind including this storyline in his movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

This is a strong part of the comic. I like that she is struggling with this disease, and the very idea of ​​two parallel battles. I love this storyline, but whether it appears in the film is not yet decided.

Thai Taichi


As Waititi explained, some storylines can be cut out of the film even at the very last moment in the editing process.

We are not sure that we will pull the entire plot of the comic book. Such things are constantly changing in the process of filming and even editing. Sometimes you just say, “Let’s cut out the part where she fights with breast cancer. We’ll remake it into something else or she’ll have no illness at all. ”

Thai Taichi


“Thor: Love and Thunder” will start shooting in early 2020, and it will be released on November 5, 2021 – with this film, Marvel will close the fourth phase of the MCU.

The plot of the fourth part will also tell in parallel how the Valkyrie will look for Queen Asgard for herself.


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