Yahoo engineer hacked 6 thousand user accounts of the company. He searched and kept private photos of girls

The hacker admitted that he used official access for this. Now he faces up to five years in prison.

A former Yahoo engineer used his position to hack into the company’s user accounts in search of private photos and videos of women. This was reported by the publication Vice with reference to the court decision of the California court.

Reyes Daniel Ruiz, a software engineer at the company, illegally gained access to six thousand user accounts. Hacking a Yahoo account, he reset the passwords of girls on Facebook, iCloud, Gmail and DropBox to continue searching for photos in other services.

At the trial, Ruiz admitted that he was specifically looking for accounts of young girls, including his friends and colleagues. When the engineer found the files he needed, he saved them on the hard drive of the home computer. As a result, Yahoo discovered the strange activity of Ruiz through monitoring his work account. After the FBI began the investigation, he destroyed a computer with compromising data.

In April, Ruiz was charged with intruding on a computer network and intercepting data. At that time, he worked as a senior engineer at Okta, which deals with access control mechanisms. After the investigation began, he was fired.

Ruiz has worked at Yahoo for ten years. It is not known how he hacked accounts. The Verge suggested that the engineer either used security data, or Yahoo itself provided workers access to users’ personal data. The company did not comment on the lawsuit against their former employee.

The sentencing of Ruiz is scheduled for February 2020. He can receive a sentence of imprisonment of up to five years, a fine of up to 250 thousand dollars and compensation to his victims.


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