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Banksy opened a store in London with “impractical and offensive” goods. You can’t enter it

The artist was forced to open it in order to preserve the trademark.

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Banksy, an anonymous artist, opened a store in London. As the BBC clarifies , its doors will remain closed, and you can’t buy anything directly from it – you can purchase work on the Internet.

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Gross Domestic Product is located in Croydon. Banksy advised on Instagram to come to look at him at night. The store will work for several weeks.

Banksy calls the reason for opening the store non-poetic. The artist disputes the trademark that he once registered. He was going to use the company that produces postcards, and now Banksy must use it to confirm ownership.

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I continue to encourage everyone to copy, borrow, steal, and edit my art for fun, academic research, or activism. I just don’t want them to use my name alone.



The artist calls the products in his store “impractical and offensive.” It sells disco balls made from used police helmets, toy trucks with figures of migrants, rugs from life jackets of refugees.

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The store also has a British flag body armor worn at the Glastonbury festival by the Stormzy Gym artist, and a carpet in the shape of a Tony skin of a Tony character from a breakfast box.

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The proceeds from the sale of goods in the store will go to buy a ship for migrants.


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