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Netflix showed the first trailer for 6 Underground – one of its most expensive films

Michael Bay's movie with Ryan Reynolds in the title role will be released on December 13.

The action movie of Michael Bay 6 Underground – one of the most expensive Netflix films with a budget of $ 125 million – will be released on December 13. This was announced by lead actor Ryan Reynolds on Twitter.

“Warm up your DVD players because we will be in your inbox soon”

Reynolds uploaded a photograph of the DVD and envelope, ironic over Netflix – before the digital services, the company was engaged in the rental of physical copies of films.

“Apparently, Netflix now has a digital section, so you don’t have to rewind the tape at the end. 
In any case, here’s the “digital” trailer 6 Underground, also known as “How Michael Bay Stopped Being Afraid and Loved the Explosions Even More.”

The film tells about six billionaires who stage their death and team up for an underground fight against crime, writes THR. In addition to Reynolds, Dave Franco, Ben Hardy, Melanie Laurent and Yuri Kolokolnikov will play in 6 Underground. The script for the film was written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who worked on Deadpool.


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