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Meme: Girl shows chest to rapper Post Malone at a concert

The performer’s reaction was an ideal illustration of how people are surprised at ordinary (and not so) things.

Post Malone is one of the most popular modern rappers. By the age of 24, the artist has already released three albums and received several nominations for Grammy. His latest record, Hollywood’s Bleeding, has been on the Billboard 200 chart for more than three weeks. And during the tour in support of the new album, Post Malone also became a meme hero.

September 27, the rapper gave a concert in Minnesota. The next day, a Reddit user with the nickname Evanprado published a photo of an unusual moment: Post Malone stands on stage and reacts very emotionally to the viewer who showed him his chest.

This is not the first time that girls show a performer a chest during a concert. Twitter recalled at least one similar situation – in 2017. But despite this, in Minnesota, Post Malone opened his mouth in surprise when he saw a fan raising a T-shirt. Later, the popular video blogger Ethan Klein drew attention to the picture.

With the filing of Klein and the manager of Post Malone, who posted the picture on Instagram, the concert photo quickly became a meme. In social networks, they presented that the rapper reacts so emotionally to fairly ordinary things like running dogs. The design of the meme was not very diverse, but still there were enough jokes.

I / some random dog

I’m trying to fall asleep at 3 a.m. / ten-year-old shameful memories

Girls without a father / astrology

My dog ​​/ the same food that I give her every day

White middle-aged women / obvious financial pyramids

My cat / cat tree for $ 200 / box in which he sat

Three year old I / moon seen in the afternoon

Preventable diseases / unvaccinated children

I am in front of my parents / Christmas present that I have already seen

Nobody / me

In Russia, memes also began to be used.


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