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How Emma Stone went from sex comedies to the Oscars

Emma Stone gained wide fame after working with Ryan Gosling on the musical La La Land. The pinnacle of Emma’s career, which guaranteed her a personal Oscar. The red-haired starlet with wide open eyes conquered the audience, and critics and film academics could not resist it. But her career began long before this triumph with youth comedies. We tell how the movie fate of one of the most prominent actresses in modern Hollywood has developed.

Emma Stone is hardly a sultry beauty. Her appearance is nevertheless remembered, and the image can be characterized by a stable American expression gal-next-door – the girl next door, her own on the board.

“I realized that I wanted to do acting in first grade when I was 6 years old, ” said Emma Stone in one of her many interviews. – There was a role in the school production for the first year, while all the other roles were played by five-graders.

Stone lived in Arizona, in childhood, suffered from panic attacks, which negatively affected her social adaptation. The girl was undergoing therapy, but she is sure that participation in theatrical productions affected her well-being much better. She studied at home for two years, since during this period she took part in the Phoenix public theater and attended private acting classes.

In high school, Emma was supposed to attend Catholic women’s school. True, not for long. After the first semester, the girl prepared a presentation for parents in PowerPoint, entitled “The Hollywood Project.” There, the actress clearly explained why her parents should let her drop out and go to California to build an acting career.

“I don’t brag about it.” Everyone must go through high school and graduate.

As you already understood, the presentation acted on the parents, and in January 2004, together with her mother, Emma Stone moved to Los Angeles.

– I auditioned for every show on the Disney Channel, I auditioned for the role of a daughter in every sitcom. But these tests ended in nothing.

To be eligible to stay in Los Angeles, the girl got a job at a bakery that made treats for dogs.

Relations with television developed at Stone quite difficult. The pilot issue of the reality show “The New Partridge Family” remained an unsold pilot. Emma made her way into one of the episodes of Lucky Louis, failed to audition for the fantasy series Heroes, and the series Race was closed in 2007 after only six episodes were released.

A few years later, in an interview, Stone was asked if her competition in Hollywood was annoying, and the girl admitted that she shed a lot of tears because the role she aspired to ended up with another actress.

In the same 2007, she was lucky to be in the same comedy with Jonah Hill ( “Super Peppers” ), where she was the love interest of the protagonist. This hero was a rather unpleasant type, but his taste in choosing a girl was definitely true. It was for this role that Emma first dyed her hair red – her style for the next decade. The film was commercially successful, the game of Emma herself was noted by critics, but her role was called poorly spelled.

Next year, a new comedy with Emma – “Naked Drummer” , where she plays bass guitarist Amelia Stone. The girl calls this role one of the most difficult in her career, since playing a character whose personality traits are so strikingly different from yours is always difficult. The “naked drummer” turned out to be a box office failure.

It’s funny, but at the same time this film premiered the comedy “Boys Like It” , where Emma played a secondary role. This film was much more successful at the box office, although critics scolded him. But not to Emma herself: “Definitely, without her, this picture would have been much more dim.”

Stone underwent an amazing transformation, especially against the background of the previous film, in the comedy Ghosts of Former Girlfriends (2009), in which she played the red-haired ugly girl from the last character Matthew McConaughey. But the most successful appearance on the screen for Emma this year was the zombie comedy with Woody Harrelson “Welcome to Zombieland . 

The first main role and a real breakthrough for Emma was the youth comedy “Excellent student of easy virtue . ” For the role of a high school student, who is driving her reputation deeper and deeper, Stone was even nominated for a Golden Globe. The picture earned more than $ 70 million in global box office with $ 8 million budget.

The actress admitted last year that she had not watched the film in full. And starring for her was a real test: she had to participate in almost every scene. “I was 20 years old, and I took on so much responsibility. I just went crazy on the set. I had to be on the site all the time every day. If I was not on the screen, I had to act as a narrator. It was too much of a day for me. ” But having proved her ability to work on the production of this comedy, the girl got the opportunity to choose roles, and not to agree to the first one.

Emma Stone first worked with Ryan Gosling in the frame in 2011 in the comedy “This Wacky Love” . The film was commercially successful, and some viewers regretted that the Gosling and Stone couple received so little screen time. The actress came to the casting in this film almost without a voice, as she was attending a Madonna party the day before. And this hoarseness in her voice defeated Gosling.

Emma Stone was able to get rid of the comedy role of a romantic girl in the film “Servants” (2011), which tells about the conservative way of life in the South of the USA and the struggle of the black population for rights. According to critics, Stone didn’t just sparkle in him, but literally fastened the entire film around him and his character.

Stone herself is very glad that she managed to play such a “juicy” character: “This is a story about female courage and courage. My heroine does only what she sees fit, she’s not afraid to be a black sheep among her friends of the same type … “

To play Spider-Man’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy in restarting the popular superhero franchise, Emma Stone abandoned the comedy Macho and Nerd. For this role, she dyed her blonde (this is her natural hair color). And with Andrew Garfield (the leading actor), the 24-year-old actress began a long romance. The New Spider-Man, meanwhile, raised more than $ 700 million at the box office.

The success was followed by the disastrous Gangster Hunters (2013), which was called the “messy set of felt hats and stylish costumes.” After this film, Stone expressed her hope to star in other projects with Gosling.

Before the Oscar-winning “La La Landa” was not long. In 2014, she again tries on the role of Gwen Stacy in the film “The New Spider-Man. High voltage . ” “Stone – Heath Ledger of this series. She is doing something unexpected with her minor character, ”wrote Empire critic.

Following along with Michael Keaton, Emma plays in Birdman (2014) directed by Alejandro Inaritta. For the female supporting role, the actress was nominated for many film awards, including Golden Globe and Oscar.

2015 was a bad year for Stone. The romantic comedy “Aloha” and the mystical drama “Irrational Man” turned out to be both commercially failing and critically low priced. For the last film, the actress had to apologize at all, as a buzz rose in the press regarding the “bleaching” of the cast.

Emma Stone got into the La La Land musical (2016) thanks to her role in the Cabaret musical a year earlier, where she was noticed by director Damien Chazell. First, he considered another Emma for this position – Watson, known for her role as Hermione from the Harry Potter franchise. But she escaped to star in a remake of “Beauty and the Beast.”

In the picture, Chazella actress useful her vocal skills, which she developed back in school years. On six songs from the film, the voice of Stone herself sounds. Of course, this is not the voice of a professional singer, but it adds sincere charm to the whole picture.

The most iconic dance scene at the top of the Hollywood hills Gosling and Stone practiced to wear. The crew had only two evenings of 30 minutes to manage to shoot the scene completely in kind at the “magic hour” – the time when the sun sets over the edge of the horizon. As a result, the actors invested in the time allotted to him.

The third collaboration with Gosling brought her the Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, as well as a whole scattering of nominations in less significant awards. At the same time, getting used to the role of a young actress in search of fame in Hollywood, Emma, ​​was quite simple: “Being an actor at an audition, you know the feeling when you give all of yourself and nothing happens. There are times when it seems to you that you are losing your mind and you need to give up. ”

Since La La Lenda, only two films have been released featuring Emma. The rather mediocre sports “Battle of the Sexes” (2017) with Steve Carell did not earn any awards or sufficient fees in cinemas, but the historical film “Favorite” (2018) turned out to be a much more successful project, earned several tens of millions of dollars and many nominations for “ Oscar”. Of these, he won only in the nomination “Best Actress” (Olivia Colman). The biggest challenge for Stone in this film was working on a British accent.

This year will be another premiere with Stone. She will return to the role of Wichita in the sequel “Zombieland: Control Shot” , which will be released this October. So what is next? Emma’s career seems to be taking a break. So far, of the confirmed paintings, only “Sterwell” (2021), where Emma Stone will play the role of Cruella de Ville from the cartoon “101 Dalmatians”.

At 29, Emma Stone was recognized as the highest paid actress in Hollywood. According to various sources, before tax in 2017, she earned $ 26 million. This year, on November 6, Emma turns 31. This is a rather difficult period for actresses, since by this time their career often slows down, and they themselves embark on a long search for their adult roles.

“If you go through hell, keep going, ” Stone quotes as advice to the young and ambitious people of Winston Churchill. “ Just keep going.”

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