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Social networks compare themselves to celebrities through Gradient. Allegedly using an AI application produces strange results

which turns Ricardo Milos into Chuck Norris, and Putin into Aristotle.

In social networks, the Gradient application is gaining popularity, which supposedly determines what celebrity the person from the uploaded image looks like. Some users are flattered by comparisons with Hollywood actresses, but many laugh at turning themselves into Jesus or Alexander Pushkin.

Popularity Gradient

September 25, Russian celebrities drew attention to the Gradient – rappers Timati and Basta, singer Olga Buzova, members of the Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov, Mikhail Galustyan and Azamat Musagaliev. They published posts under the hashtag #Gradient .

Instagram story Timati

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After the posts of Russian celebrities , thousands of similar publications appeared on Instagram . By the time of writing this note, the application had risen to first place in the top apps of the App Store and Google Play.

Many liked the results of the application. Users ask subscribers who they look more like and admit that they are flattered by comparisons to popular actresses.

But most laugh at the absurdity of the results. Gradient often incorrectly determines the gender and race of a person, and sometimes compares girls with Vladimir Putin or Vladimir Zelensky, and guys with Cleopatra.

Similar Korean service

In summer, a similar service was popular on social networks – the test “ Which Celebrity Do You Look Like? “(” Which celebrity are you like? “) From the Korean site VonVon. It was launched back in 2017, but fame came to it only in August 2019.

Reddit user published the result of using a photo of a meme hamster in the test . VonVon claimed that the rodent most closely resembles Robert Downey Jr. Social networks saw this as a potential for creating memes.

Users began to upload to the site heroes of memes and characters of pop culture. Often the test produced the same results regardless of the original picture – Hollywood stars like Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling.

“These are strange times”

Gradient appeared on the App Store and Google Play in June. Judging by the application updates, the “FUN” function was added on September 17th. The service has developed a self-titled Ukrainian startup . 

Russian media say that the application is based on neural networks and machine learning. However, there is no evidence of this. The developer himself in the description of the application indicated that it uses “the most advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.”


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