Instagram launched a bullying documentary on IGTV. It was put by John Hill

The director of "Mid 90s" talked with teenagers about the experienced bullying in vertical format commercials.

Instagram introduced the series “Un-filtered” (“Without a filter”), which tells about children and adolescents who are faced with bullying by their peers. This was reported by Variety.

Four episodes out September 18 exclusively on the channel Instagram in IGTV. The series is shot vertically for ease of viewing from smartphones. The project was presented as part of an initiative to combat harassment and abuse on the platform.

Project director John Hill interviewed people aged 13-25 who were the victims or perpetrators of bullying in real life or online. Teenagers talked about how they were hated because of their appearance, how they reacted to abusive jokes, and how they coped with complexes about their bodies.

Hill admitted that he himself was bullied and scoffed at others: “I tried to create a space for young people where they can talk and they will be heard. I dreamed that in my childhood there would be such a platform where you can learn about the experiences and difficulties of others. I hope that the project will inspire teenagers to tell their story and make them feel not so lonely. ”

The project was presented as part of the Instagram initiative to combat harassment and abuse on the platform. The social network is testing the “comment warning” that comes to the user if the algorithms consider that he is writing something offensive. Instagram also warns of a possible account deletion if the user has violated community rules several times.


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