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“I never felt anything like it, I was inside the movie”: the first reviews of the movie “Gemini” with Will Smith

It seems that we are waiting for the next technological leap to the cinema.

On September 18, the first reviews of the Gemini action movie directed by Ang Lee appeared on the net. For several months now, the film has been promoted at professional shows as a technological miracle – here is the digital version of the young Will Smith, and real 3D, and the original picture in 120 fps and 4K.

The technological part impressed the journalists especially strongly – they even advise in chorus to watch a picture in 3D. With the action, too, everything is fine, but the plot is rustic.

I watched the “Gemini”, and this is diiiich. 
The young version of Will Smith is incredible, plus, there are some really beautiful action scenes and a great play by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 
The only 3D movie I approve of.

I just watched the final installation of Gemini, and this is the only film that I advise you to definitely watch in 3D (and 4K, if possible). 
I did not see anything like it – I was as if inside a movie.

Gemini is a huge breakthrough in demonstrating the film’s capabilities at 120 FPS. 
Action scenes in this format are a breakthrough. 
Will Smith’s game is deep and consistent with the level of a real movie star. 
If you do not watch this movie in a movie theater, you will miss the real impression.

The movie is cool. 
Old Will Smith plus young Will Smith is a visual feast that sometimes becomes incredible. 
Ang Lee made a strong unique action at the level of the best examples of the genre. 
Watch it in 3D – a must.

There is a scene in the film where the old and young Smiths arrange a full-fledged skirmish. It looks just unbelievable. I asked Ang Lee how he achieved this, and he said that the process took 9 months. 9 months to the battle scene!

Gemini is an interesting look at films in the spirit of Bourne, but with the addition of science fiction. It is interesting, but it lacks history to be really deep. There are many interesting scenes, but the overall impression is a bit blurry.

Earlier, a film distributor in the Russian Federation in conversation with DTF confirmed that the picture can be viewed at 120 frames per second in Russia – the list of halls will be announced closer to the start. True, the 3D version of the picture will work at 60 fps – this is due to the technological limitations of the projectors.

But some Chinese viewers will be able to see the picture as it was conceived – in 4K, HDR, 120 fps and 3D at the same time.

“Gemini” goes to rent on October 10.

Gemini with Will Smith will be available at 120fps in Russia


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