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Flash mob from rescuers and policemen: they spread the equipment and themselves as a toy set on the ground

From Switzerland to Singapore, a new online flash mob has developed among emergency services in different countries. Rescuers, doctors, policemen neatly lay out their equipment near military vehicles, and then they are stacked nearby. Like, this is what the patrol car looks like. This is the case with the Zurich police who launched a flash mob on Facebook on September 1.

The photo was taken during an open day. All the equipment was laid out next to the patrol car when two police officers decided to join this kit to complete it. And they asked to take a picture from the drone. Soon they were answered by colleagues from other emergency services around the world, and the flash mob was called Tetris Challenge.

So, for example, rescuers from Geneva look unfolded.

And this is the Hungarian police. They basically have a funny Instagram, browse.

And here firemen from Bangkok laid out their little things and tools.

There are even military doctors from the Netherlands.

And such an emergency service as a taxi. Nearly.


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