Rich children pay from $ 1,000 for their photo in the “elite Instagram profile.” What’s happening?

An unusual page on Instagram is gaining popularity on the Internet , which raises the absolute “rich life” of social network users. Anyone can ask the leading Golden Price Tag account to post their photo on this profile. But it costs from a thousand dollars. And people are already paying.

Moreover, the competition between users even began: on the website in the list of “Golden Participants” the amount that a person paid for posting his picture on Instagram is displayed. For example, one girl allegedly gave away $ 2,500, and a guy in a Rolls-Royce convertible – $ 3,000.

Resource Mashable reports that the account was invented by 20-year-old Leonard Weinstock. He made a website for fun, posted his picture and sent a link to his friends from Berlin: he wondered if there would be a person who would agree to give a thousand or more dollars to publish the photo. Oddly enough, some responded in all seriousness. After filling out the form, the site is redirected to a page with fields for entering bank card data:

“It’s still cheaper than champagne then ,” reads the caption to the picture of one of the “golden participants”:

At the time of this writing, there are five photos in the Golden Price Tag profile. According to the site, the images brought Weinstock $ 7,500 (obviously, he didn’t pay for his photo).


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