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Head of Sony Pictures about breaking the deal with Marvel: “The door is closed at the moment ”

He is confident that the company will be able to launch its own movie universe, built around Spider-Man.

Speaking at the Variety Summit on Entertainment and Technology, Sony Pictures Executive Director Tony Vinciccherra said that the issue of Spider-Man and further collaboration with Marvel has already been resolved and “the door is closed at the moment.”

Nevertheless, he noted that there was a “long life” ahead, implying that perhaps in the future the hero would nevertheless return to the MCU.

Vincicherra emphasized that there is no hostility between Sony and Marvel despite the fact that the parties could not agree on financing conditions for future films about Spider.

He said that one of the reasons for the failure of the negotiations was how much Kevin Feigi is now “torn” between different projects as the MCU develops.

We did a great job with Feigi on Spider-Man films. The people at Marvel are awesome and we respect them a lot, but on the other hand, we also have enough awesome people. Kevin did not do all the work alone.

Tony vincicerra

CEO Sony Pictures

Vincicherra added that this gap creates an ideal opportunity to launch his own universe in the world of Spider-Man. In addition to Venom, Sony is also developing five to six TV shows and the film “Morbius” with Jared Leto.

Taking into account all the projects under development, Vincicierra emphasized that the character of Spider-Man will “feel good” in the hands of Sony, and pointed to the film “Spider-Man: Through the Universes” and the series “The Boys” as Sony’s successful superhero projects outside the MCU.


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