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“Instagram is just a place to take screenshots of tweets.” Such a screenshot of Twitter tweet posted on Instagram

What a time to be alive.


Twitter posted on its instagram several screenshots of tweets, which are added to the text “Instagram is just a place for screenshots of tweets.” First it drew attention to the publication Mashable.

The company cut into six screenshots the user’s tweet @ Miagrassia28, published in early August. At the end of the month, Twitter asked her for permission to use the publication. A company representative confirmed to the publication that it had consented.

Original tweet

After the company’s publications gained popularity on Instagram, Twitter began to post even more screenshots from Twitter to their account.

“I need to stop complaining that my friends are terrible photographers, because the real problem is my face”

“Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t answer, I just didn’t want to”

“Why do you communicate with your pet as a person?” / Firstly, this is my child
Instagram has long been posting content from its social network to Twitter. Twitter previously posted posts on Instagram, but recently deleted all posts. Now the description of the account indicates that it exists only to share “screenshots of tweets”. This is probably the irony that large Instagram meme communities are constantly posting jokes from Twitter.


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