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🇷🇺 + 🇺🇦 = 🇵🇱. The bot mixes flags and comes up with new countries – this causes fierce debate and awkward situations.

The author of the algorithm did not take into account the history and complex relationships of the countries, so the bot united Germany with Poland and Israel with Palestine.

In July, the Emoji Mashup Bot account gained popularity on Twitter : the algorithm combined different emojis and thus created new ones. Unusual combinations liked users, and the bot for a month and a half scored nearly 250 thousand subscribers.

This bot inspired the 21-year-old Spaniard under the nickname ntoniw to create his own bot. In late August, a student programmer wrote an algorithm that “crosses” the flags of different countries and comes up with new countries on their basis. Profile he called Flags Mashup Bot.

The principle of the bot is simple: two flags are taken, colors and elements are combined, a new flag is obtained. Sometimes in this way quite bizarre combinations are created.

USA + Afghanistan = United States of Afghanistan

Belarus + Seychelles = Bellshells

Zimbabwe + Spain = Ispabwe

Sometimes a bot combines not modern flags, and takes examples from history.

China Soviet Republic + Europe

Sometimes it turns out that the system selects two identical flags. In this case, the algorithm changes colors to random.

Japan + Japan = Japan 2

The artist Andrei Tramvaev made several illustrations based on the work of the bot. For example, he depicted what a Ugan warrior might look like (Uganda + Sweden).

However, the author of the bot did not take into account that countries are not least questions about history and geopolitics. The algorithm does not take into account tensions between states, wars and conflicts. This led to several controversial and awkward situations: for example, the bot “crossed” Israel and Palestine.

Great Britain and Ireland

The author of the bot noted that “he never saw so much madness in the comments.” Tensions between Great Britain and Ireland last for many years, including the war of independence. Therefore, a bitter discussion unfolded under the tweet.

Threads can be viewed by clicking on the original post.

Great Britain + Ireland = Great Ireland

The boys and I are looking at this post.

Surprisingly, I think this flag infuriates just about everyone

China and Hong Kong

The boat crossed the flags amid protests in Hong Kong, which are not only not ending, but are becoming increasingly fierce.

Hong Kong + China = Hong Kong

At a wrong time

Bro, you posted the shameful and lose points in the social credit system

Germany and Poland

On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Shortly before the 80th anniversary of this date, the bot mixed the flags of these countries.

Germany + Poland = Gersha

Serbia and Montenegro

The problem is that such a state already existed from 2003 to 2006.

Serbia + Montenegro = Sernogory

Russia and Ukraine

Not only that, the bot united Russia and Ukraine – so it also turned the state into Poland.

Russia + Ukraine = Russian Ukraine

Canada and Saudi Arabia

Many noted that the flag of the state of marijuana should look something like this.

Canada + Saudi Arabia = Saudi Canada

Virgin chad

The combination of Chad and the Virgin Islands seems to be nothing unusual. In addition to the fact that the resulting name Virgin Chad refers to the popular meme ” Virgin Against Chad .”

Bonus: countries “reached the hand of Russia”

Sierra Leone + Sint Maarten

Sudan + Serbia

France + Sierra Leone

Russia + Serbia

Panama + Congo


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