In Paris, began to test the “noise radar”, which can automatically fine loud cars

No roar of motors.

Noise Radar in Paris Photo by Charles Plateau for Reuters

In some areas of Paris, a “noise radar” was installed, which can automatically fine loud cars. While the system works in the suburbs of Villeneuve-le-Roi and in some other areas. This was reported by Reuters.

Bruitparif’s system works in conjunction with a surveillance camera. She uses four microphones to determine the sound source, and then connects it to a specific machine using video.

So far, only 40 devices have been installed in the city. Basically, they are located near bars in the entertainment places of Paris and near 17 large buildings.

Trials of the “noise radar” will begin in the fall of 2019, when local authorities pass the relevant law. After that, the devices installed in the city are activated and will begin to collect information. During the two-year trials, violators will not be fined: during this time they want to check the viability of the system.

As noted on Engadget, if people start fines for noisy cars in Paris, this may prompt residents to switch to electric cars. Unlike cars with internal combustion engines, they drive almost silently.


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