In social networks, they noticed the same sky in the photo of the Instagram blogger. The same clouds “haunt” her around the world

The girl added a standard cloud texture to the pictures using the application, and subscribers connected this with a cliche about cheating bloggers.

Pictures with the same sky @tupisaravia

On Twitter, they noticed that a travel blogger from Buenos Aires publishes travel photos with an identical sky. In social networks, they began to joke and be indignant, and the girl herself said that she had never hidden that she was editing her images.

On August 26, a Twitter user from Argentina posted screenshots of posts with the same sky from Instagram blogger Tupi Saravia with 283,000 followers. He added the caption: “Wherever she goes, the same clouds always follow her.” Two days later, the publication reached English-speaking users and gained popularity among them. After that, the girl temporarily closed access to her profile.

This travel influencer uses the same clouds in all photos

Identical clouds were found in photographs from different countries – Thailand, Italy, Indonesia.

And here..

And here too …

In social networks began to joke about the “haunting” clouds.

She managed to become an influencer for both consumers and weather conditions.

Maybe the clouds paid her for the placement?

These clouds are her faithful subscribers.

These clouds are even more fake than my desire to live

Others, on the contrary, were upset by the actions of Sarabia and complained about the fake reality of social networks.

I’m really sad about that. So many people want what she has – fabricated online reality

Oh, the good faith of influencers …

Seriously, it’s a little strange, no? This proves that the virtual and real world differ as day and night. I am becoming more and more cynical (getting older!) About online “influencers”. I think this bubble will ever explode

They emphasized on Twitter that Savaria has repeatedly admitted that she is editing photos. Many did not understand what was wrong with that.

Spoiler: nobody cares


The blogger confirmed to BuzzFeed News that she was editing a photo with clouds: “I can’t believe how far this has gone. I use Quickshot to fix shots where the sky is overexposed. ” She emphasized that she herself came up with a joke that the clouds haunt her around the world.

The free Quickshot has a Sky Control feature that adds clouds to the photo. Saravia said she uses the same sky texture from the application, despite the fact that you can choose from several. She explained that she “just likes this one.”

it took just a couple of clicks to add effects

The blogger also noted that she never hid the photoshopping of photos. She even helped her subscribers edit images using the same service: “They knew, because I never hid it. I always tell them which applications I use. ”

Saravia sincerely did not understand the indignation of the users: “I do not see anything like this, I have never deceived anyone. I did not do anything bad”.


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