The Turk turned the bears plundering his apiary into ” honey tasters “

It turned out that they have a good taste.

For a long time, Ibrahim Sedef from Turkish Trabzon could not figure out how to prevent the bears from splitting beehives in his apiary in search of honey. He tried toprotect the hives with metal cages, leaving bread and fruit for the bears, but these measures did not work.

Trying to learn more about the behavior of animals in his apiary, Sedef set up night vision cameras. Some time later, the idea came to him to turn the bears into “honey tasters.”

He began to leave honey directly on the table in the cups, each of which he signed. It turned out that the bears prefer the famous Anzersky honey, which is considered one of the most expensive in the world.

Sometimes they didn’t even touch the plates with other varieties, and they were never interested in a sugar substitute, which is sometimes sold under the guise of honey.

The experiment lasted several months, and during this time Sedef changed places several times, but the result remained the same, each time the bears preferred the most expensive honey in his apiary.


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