Federal Communications Commission of the US Trade Facebook fined a record in its history, 5 billion dollars

The company was required to tighten the protection of users' personal data.

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The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) decided to fine Facebook for a record $ 5 billion due to violations of access to personal information of users. The company was also obliged to tighten the requirements for the protection of personal data, reports Reuters.

The penalty is the largest that the FTC has ever endured. It equals Facebook’s estimated monthly revenue, CNN notes .

Pursuant to the FTC decision, the Facebook board will create an independent privacy committee that removes “unhindered control by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg of decisions affecting the security of personal data of users”.

Also, social networks have banned the use of phone numbers and email addresses of users for advertising tools. Face recognition should now work only with the consent of the user.

Representatives of Facebook in their statement said that they are ready for changes in the field of data protection. They hoped that the new standards for protecting privacy would become a model for the entire industry.

Mark Zuckerberg, talking about the FTC decision, said that the changes will affect not only the administrative, but also the technical part. Now Facebook must check all its technical systems and document all possible risks associated with the storage of information. You have to do the same for every new product.

We expect that hundreds of engineers and more than a thousand other employees will be needed to complete this important work of our company.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder

Facebook has been accused of many years of ignoring user privacy. One of the most striking precedents was the disclosure of information on 87 million users of the analytical firm Cambridge Analytica.

The scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica unfolded in March, when it became known that it gained access to user data bypassing Facebook rules by setting up an ad for Donald Trump’s campaign on its basis. The company denied its guilt, but eventually lost all customers and filed for bankruptcy. Zuckerberg spoke to American politicians and announced a change in the privacy policy on the social network.


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