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Apple has spent $ 6 billion on its series and films: Morning Show is more expensive than Game of Thrones

On August 19, Bloomberg published a detailed insider report on the launch of the Apple TV + online movie theater. We have chosen the main thing from the material.

  • Apple plans to launch its online movie theater in November. At the start there will be only five series in it – the drama The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston, The Amazing Stories by Stephen Spielberg, the fantastic thriller See with Jason Momoa, Truth Be Told with Octavia Spencer and The House – a documentary show about unusual buildings.
  • Apple plans to experiment with the pitch. The series will be released in parts, not in whole – first the first three episodes, and then the rest, one per week.
  • The expected subscription price is $ 9.99. This is higher than Disney + with its 6.99, although Apple has a lot less content. However, in Russia the price will probably be lower – as in the case of Apple Music, the regional cost may drop below 300 rubles for a family subscription.
  • Apple TV + will have a free trial subscription – perhaps a month.
  • Apple planned to allocate a billion dollars a year to its series, but it had already spent 6 billion by launch (Netflix spends 14 billion a year). According to media reports, the company does not save on original series. Even the drama “Morning Show” was filmed like a big Hollywood movie, so the budget of the episode is higher than that of “Game of Thrones”.

In a report for the second quarter of 2019, Apple announced that its services accounted for 21% of revenue, while iPhone revenue for the first time in years fell below 50%.

It was services that helped Apple offset the drop in demand for smartphones, and Apple TV + and Apple Arcade will soon help this business.


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