Burger King in Sweden offered its customers a “secret burger” – they have to guess with the usual meat or artificial

Using the “50/50 menu”, the company wants to show that artificial meat does not differ in taste from the present.


The Burger King chain in Sweden has launched the “50/50 menu”: half of the burgers in it are made with ordinary meat patties, and half with artificial meat patties. This is written by CNBC.


Now Burger King sells two burgers with artificial meat in Sweden – Rebel Whopper (a variant of the classic Whopper) and Rebel Chicken King (Crispy Chicken). The company claims that they do not differ in taste from ordinary burgers. To make sure that visitors are convinced of this, the network offered them a new menu – it does not spell out which burger is served with which cutlet.

Visitors will be able to test their guesses using the Burger King mobile application – for this you need to scan the box from the burger. The company plans to collect all the answers and then use them in advertising, which will be released before the end of the summer of 2019, regardless of the results.


Burger King is working on an advertising campaign with Ingo Stockholm, CNBC said. In Sweden, Burger King has 135 restaurants.

In May 2019, inMarket inSights analysts published a study stating that traffic at several restaurants in the U.S. network exceeded average traffic by 18% after the start of sales of Impossible Whopper vegetarian burgers. The company sells such burgers in 59 restaurants in St. Louis.


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