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Box-office: “Avengers” are only 7.16 million dollars behind Avatar

And the “Spider-Man” has more than 800 million.

“Avengers” and “Avatar”

Over the past week, “Final” has collected around the world 2.8 million dollars. Total fees reached 2.78 billion (of which 851 million in home hire), while the “Avatar” they – 2.788 billion dollars. The approximate difference between the paintings is 7.16 million.

It is not yet clear whether the Avengers will be able to bridge the gap, but analysts are confident that this will not happen without some kind of anomalous breakthrough from fans. It is likely that the Avengers will not be enough 3-4 million.


Total world ticket “Away from home” has reached 847.1 million dollars. The fall in the second week in the United States was about 51%.

Outside of the states, the film has already collected 572.5 million – this is the best result in the history of the franchise, since Spider-Man 3 had only 555 million.

Previous high-profile releases

Toy Story 4 continues to show good exposure and has already reached $ 771 million worldwide. In the US, the film is slightly ahead of the third in terms of charges, but it is not yet clear whether it will be possible to reach the fourth in a billion.

Restarting “People in Black” since mid-June has collected only 237.5 million dollars and formally paid for its 110 million production budget, but Sony is hardly satisfied with the result – this is the worst performance in the history of the franchise.

“Aladdin” came close to the billion – on the account of the film already 960.2 million dollars, of which 331.5 million in home rentals.


Thriller “Kapkan” by Alexander Azha was launched within the framework of expectations from the third place of hire of the USA and will receive 12 million dollars – the scores of critics, which are quite high for the genre, helped the cause.

This can not be said about the comedy “Ali, rudders!”, Started with only 8 million dollars.

Both pictures received a “B” rating from the audience at the exit from the hall, however, Kapkan had a significantly higher rating on Tomatoes.


In Russia, the second week unconditionally leads the “Spider-Man”, but the “Anna” by Luc Besson did not cause much excitement.

The situation with “Ali, the wheels!” Is even worse – the comedy practically did not attract the attention of the Russians.


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