“These Hairy Feet”: Bloggers Ridicule Sonic Promotional Posters

Strange angle and too realistic blue hedgehog.

In mid-December, Paramount Pictures released the first promotional material on the Sonic movie. On the posters, the studio partially showed how the character will look like – and the updated design has left many viewers at a loss.

Someone poster seemed too gloomy and tragic.

I like the look of the poster, but I’m a little worried about the slogan: “This hedgehog can run away from anything but a feeling of guilt for not preventing 9/11.”

Others tried to jokingly imagine how CGI-Sonic will look in a feature film.

To be honest, here is the only Sonic film that we really care about ( referring to the image of the cybersportsman Sonic Fox

I’m waiting for the new “Sonic.”

Exclusive: a new promotional shot from the Sonic movie.

The leaks of the Sonic movie look promising.

Some artists depicted their character version.

And here is my design Sonic a la Michael Bay for a terrible movie with CGI.


Merged concept art from the new movie about Sonic.

I tried to make Sonic look good from the poster and couldn’t.

Did someone say the Sonic movie?

Later, a second poster appeared on the network, in which a blue hedgehog sits on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Unusual perspective immediately became a reason for joking.

All I see on this Sonic poster is how far legs can be far apart in this world, help!

Sonic, take your shoes off the bed …

This leak frame from the movie.

In the picture: “One on Friday night? God, check out my legs! ”

This is the second time a movie about Sonic makes me think about it.

Some artists tried to imagine how in this pose Sonic looks from the outside.




The jokes did not bypass the other characters of the franchise.

Disclosed the design of Dr. Eggman from the movie about Sonic.

The first frame with Nakklzy in “Sonic.”

The film “Sonic in the Cinema” (as it is called in the Russian box office) is shot by the little-known director Jeff Fowler, who in 2005 received an Oscar nomination for the short film Gopher Broken off. The producers are the director of the first Deadpool, Tim Miller and Neil H. Moritz, who worked on Fast and Furious and the TV series Escape.

Jim Carrey (played by Dr. Eggman / Ivo Robotnik) and James Marsden (sheriff of the Green Hills site) are on the main roles.

The premiere of the film is scheduled for November 15, 2019.


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