Meeting with the idol: virtual uutuber Kizuna Ai and Christoph Waltz at the Japanese premiere of “Alita”

Who is whose idol – think for yourself.

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February 15 in Japan, the premiere of Robert Rodriguez’s science fiction film “ Alita: Fighting Angel ”, based on the Gunnm manga Yukito Kishiro. Stars were invited to the event: Christophe Waltz, who played Dr. Ido, and Rosa Salazar, who presented Alita with her appearance. In addition to them, the stage was directed by Robert Rodriguez, as well as the producer of the film John Landau.

The company they made up Kizun Ai, Japanese virtual yuber. Hollywood stars talkedto a virtual girl: mainly about whether friendship or love can arise between a person and an AI. Christoph Waltz even asked Ah, if she was engaged to anyone. She replied that so far she has no one.

At the same time, the guests took some memorable photos. Such is the meeting of two worlds – almost like in “Alita” itself.

Kizuna Ai is a Japanese virtual utuber, she has two channels ( main and game ; they are in Japanese, but there are English and Russian subtitles), the total number of subscribers of which has already exceeded 3.6 million. In his videos, Au mostly communicates with subscribers or makes games plays. The character was created in 2016. Until now, it is not known exactly who exactly gave her voice and movements for motion capture, as well as who plays games for the AI ​​Games channel.


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