“The Next Step of Human Evolution”: gen: LOCK web animated series trailer

Michael B. Jordan, David Tennant and giant robots.

The action of the series takes place at the end of the twenty-first century. Under the threat of a force that wants to gain control of the planet, the state recruits pilot soldiers.

Those will have to control huge robots using the latest technology gen: Lock – there is no one breakthrough in neuroscience.

The first series of the cartoon will be released on January 26. The main roles are voiced by Michael B. Jordan (“Black Panther”), Macy Uljams (“Game of Thrones”), Dakota Fanning (“War of the Worlds”) and David Tennant (“Doctor Who”).

The creators of gen: Lock – studio Rooster Teeth, known for web series RWBY and Red vs. Blue. Episodes of the cartoon will be published on the company’s website and its YouTube channel.


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