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Wesley Sniper and a hair hut – Dan Harmon’s notes on the fifth season of “Rick and Morty”

The author shared his ideas for the upcoming series.

The writer and creator of the series “Rick and Morty” Dan Harmon published in his instagram photographs of notes on upcoming episodes. He is assisted by Rob Schrub, comic book author, comedian and producer.

  • Artificial man with a real leg.
  • Rick finds the eleventh commandment.
  • “Maximum acceleration” with grass (in the original film, the cars rebelled against people – ).
  • Planet without stop signs.
  • Cloak of fantasy.
  • Wesley Sniper.
  • When-Wolf (“When-wolf”). Consonant with werewolf (werewolf). In this word, were sounds like where (where).
  • Voltron, but with vegetables.
  • Food Library.
  • Woman made from fish.
  • In the ass Jerry is a pine cone.
  • Removable fingers (or feet).
  • Anal beads.
  • A planet powered by chips and salsa. 
  • Morty buys a boat.
  • Bark tornado (Bark-nado).
  • Planet of the moves .
  • Blood Shed A play on words – consonant with bloodshed (bloodshed).
  • Invisible pigs.
  • Jerry makes a hut out of hair.

In November, will be released the fourth season of “Rick and Morty”, which will be about 10 episodes. In total, the Adult Swim channel has ordered 70 more episodes.

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