The photo showed the Korean “hostel” – mini-housing, which is difficult to fit

By a certain age, it is customary to acquire
their own housing – at least in Belarus. In some countries, the attitude
towards real estate is different, and it is quite normal to rent housing until
the end of life. However, not every country can afford it to
pensioners. South Korea is an unusual country from the point of view of a
European; in the eyes of Belarusians, much here is “strange”.

And for the locals it’s familiar, or at least
inevitable. Resource Boredpanda published a selection of photos, the author of which
spent five years in goshivon (or koshivon – there are different
options). This is a kind of hostel, only worse – housing was supposed to
be temporary, but reality makes many linger here for a long time.

Usually the size of
the room is about 5 square meters. Kitchen, shower and toilet – in
separate rooms


This type of housing
in South Korea appeared about 40 years ago. Then it was invented for
students who came to Seoul to take exams

Now people living in
such places come to the city to earn money. And there are enough students

If you think that this
housing is cheap, like crackers on a market day, then you are
mistaken. According to the photographer, he paid about $ 180 for a
room. Depending on location, the price may be twice as high

In a room, as a rule,
there is a bed, a table and a wardrobe. Living in koshivon causes
depression, the photographer said. Everyone has

According to
previously published data, about 12 thousand such “hostels” are registered in
South Korea, half of them are located in Seoul. And there are clandestine

Before making a series
of shots, the author of the photographs was engaged in wedding
photography. According to him, until the release of this project, he could
not be called a photographer.

No matter how the
housing is oriented toward students, people of different ages are found here,
and, as a rule, they all need money

Shared kitchen, which
in size meets the general standards of koshivona

The author of the
pictures somehow spoke with a local resident – a 50-year-old man. He was a
sought after tutor and teacher of mathematics, earned good money. But then
he was tired of competing with the young, lost interest in money and his life

Sometimes it seems
that koshivons collect people who are tired of life.


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