Ryan Reynolds postponed the operation on his arm for the promotional campaign “Once upon a time Deadpool” in China

Recently, the film received a regional release date.

The January 19 version of the second Deadpool with an age rating of PG-13 received a release date in China. For the film’s promotional campaign, lead man Ryan Reynolds postponed the planned operation on his arm in New York and flew to Beijing.

For many years I dreamed of bringing Deadpool to China and showing it to the local public. It is very important for me. I could not miss a visit to China.

Ryan reynoldsactor

In China, the film will be released under the title Deadpool 2: I Love My Family. The name is a reference to the classic regional sitcom I Love My Family, which came out in the nineties.

Chinese fans nicknamed the hero Reynolds “Little Jianjian” that Fox studio staff incorrectly translated as “Little Bitchy Bitch”. Most likely the nickname wore the value “Despicable little guy” (Little scoundrel).


At the press conference, the actor laughed at the nickname and joked that his wife had given him such a nickname for the first time, but he would attribute the authorship to Chinese fans. In general, Reynolds liked the alternate name Deadpool.

In fact, the third Deadpool is Deadpool 3: Little Bitchy Bitch.

Ryan reynoldsactor

The global release of “Once upon a time was Deadpool” took place in December 2018. In the US box office, the film collected 6 million dollars and another million abroad. In general, the second part earned more than $ 325 million at the box office.


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