Riot Games pays $ 10 million to women due to gender discrimination

The creators of League of Legends pledged to pay their former employees a total of $ 10 million. According to Kotaku, the money from Riot Games will go to every woman who managed to work for the company over the past five years. Thus, it was possible to achieve a peaceful settlement of the conflict due to sexual discrimination in working relations in Riot Games.

According to an investigation from 2018 by the same Kotaku, rampant sexism reigned in the company, which manifested itself both in hiring and in career advancement. A bro culture was cultivated at the company’s offices, which resulted in harassment and gender discrimination. In a class action lawsuit from former Riot employees, they claimed they were paid less than men in similar positions.

The settlement agreement in this case states that payments to former employees will be made on the basis of terms and positions.

In its cover letter, Riot Games emphasized that over the past year, the company has taken several steps to reduce the culture of sexism. The recruitment and promotion processes were reviewed, job descriptions were described more clearly, and troubled employees were dismissed. External cultural consultants and a director for diversity appeared in the company, and women were appointed to leadership positions.


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